RISKREAL aims to provide specific tools for the evaluation and acquisition of psychosocial skills and competences needed in low qualification jobs of some industry sectors such as wind power energy, metallic manufacturing or moulding fabrication, and othersimilar positions in which psychosocial occupational hazards related with emergency management occur. The provided training will complement the current certified technical training to contribute to the employability, health and quality of life of the workers as well as the competitiveness of the companies.

The beneficiaries of our resources will be:
  • Individuals in vulnerable groups due to their social, economic, or educational background
  • Workers with low qualification profiles, interested in improving their skills with regards to psychosocial management
  • Private companies looking for workforce, in particular for low qualified profiles, as well as companies providing training for the referred sectors
  • Human resources professionals, NGO trainers, and psychology professionals will benefit from resources and training framework
  • Policy makers and occupational health authorities will be involved in the activities foreseen to validate and/or disseminate the project outputs.

For more information visit our website: http://riskreal.eu/the-project


In our project are involved organisations operating in variousfield and with different expertises, coming from: Spain, Italy, Greece and Malta